How does creating an Everwish registry work?

  1. Create a free account
  2. Personalize your registry page with beautiful images and descriptions. Let your friends and family know where you are going and why you want to go there.
  3. Add some items or experiences to your registry that your guests can contribute to.  Choose our ready-made gift items or upload your own with photos and descriptions. Easy peasy!
  4. Your registry page will have its own unique web address that you can customize, and share with friends and family via your wedding website, email, Facebook or other means.
  5. Your guests can choose a beautiful e-card to accompany your cash gift which they will securely contribute to you via our trusted payment processor.
  6. Receive your cash funds and enjoy the honeymoon of your dreams with the help of friends and family!


Why do you charge the contributor of a gift?

To make sure that contributors have an awesome gifting experience with no ads or expensive transfer fees, we charge a small admin fee to keep Everwish running smoothly. Think of it as the cost of a wedding card that your guest might buy in a store. In total, it works out to £3 on each contribution, plus a small fee charged by our payment processor, Stripe. For example, on a £100 gift, the contributor pays a total of £104.50.

This is one of the lowest fees among online registries.

It’s always FREE for couples to sign up, create an Everwish page, and receive contributions from guests!

What about taxes?

There’s no tax charged on any gifts received if you live outside of Canada.  If you live in Canada there is no tax on the gift amount, but we do have to collect tax on the $3 Everwish fee. This small amount is charged to your guest giving the gift and is calculated using the GST/HST rate of the province you live in.

Does it cost anything to set up an Everwish page?

Nope, it’s totally free for you to create and share your Everwish page, and you receive 100% of the funds contributed!


How secure are my registry’s gifts?

Super secure. Like they-have-a-digital-bodyguard-level secure. Your Everwish registry is protected by the best in payment encryption technology. We partner with Stripe, an established PCI-compliant integrated payment processor, to process all gift contributions. They operate extensively throughout the UK, Europe, USA and Canada and are the payment processing partner of choice for thousands of reputable online businesses.

Your guests’ contributions are processed securely, directly into your personal Stripe account. You’ll always know how much money you’ve been gifted, and you’ll be able to withdraw your gifts once you link your Stripe account with your bank.

Learn more about Stripe’s commitment to security here.

How secure is Everwish?

Everwish uses 256-bit SSL certification—this means that data is encrypted as it travels between your web browser and our web server, which allows your personal information to be securely sent over the internet.

Do you store credit card information?

Nope! It might take you a few minutes longer to re-enter credit card information (if your guest is looking to make another gift contribution), but it’s more secure than storing their credit card details on Everwish.


Can I collect money for charity on my page?

Of course! Just create an Everwish registry and fill out a description and photos with information about your charity. Although we can’t make the payment directly to the charity on your behalf, you can use your funds from Everwish to make a payment to the charity.

Will everyone be able to see my Everwish page?

It's up to you! On your settings page you can choose whether you would like your page searchable on our site through the 'find a registry' button or generally across the web.  If you choose to make your page not searchable, only people who have your unique Everwish page URL will be able to access your page!


How do I accept payments?

Before you can start accepting payments you will need to set up a Stripe account and link your bank account.  This is super easy!  Just click the “Set Up Stripe” button on your account settings page and follow the instructions by Stripe.

Can I edit my Everwish registry once it’s published?

Absolutely! You can make changes anytime.

How do I share my Everwish page?

Once you’ve published your registry and created your Stripe account, you’re ready to share!

Each Everwish registry has a unique URL chosen by you when you set it up.  You can add this link to your wedding website or share this link directly with your guests. We recommend getting one of your wedding party or family member to send it out for you.  Anyone they give your URL to can view your page!


Who can contribute to my Everwish page?

Anyone with a link to your registry! Friends, family, co-workers, classmates, teammates, your cat (ok, maybe not your cat since a credit card is required).

Can people anywhere in the world contribute to my Everwish Registry?

Yep. Your Everwish page can accept contributions from all around the world!

Can my contributors give privately?

You’ll be able to see everyone’s contributions to your registry (for transparency, and also because we don’t want your contributors’ generosity to go unnoticed!), but to give your contributors some privacy, they won’t be able to see each others’ gifts.

How will I know when someone makes a contribution?

If you sign up for our gift contribution notifications, you’ll get an email notification whenever a contribution is made to your Everwish page.

You can also go to your dashboard and check your contributions history at any time.

What happens if my event is cancelled?

Not to worry, the gifts already in your Everwish registry will be paid out to you so that you can refund your contributors. Then, just send us an email and we’ll close your Everwish page for you.

How long do deposits take?

The funds should show in your Stripe account immediately when someone makes a contribution.

Stripe holds onto the funds for 7 days to make sure all payments have gone through correctly.  After that you can withdraw your funds at anytime to your bank account.  You can set up your stripe account to do this automatically at a scheduled time ( eg once a week) or withdraw funds manually.


How do I access my money?

Once you have set up your Everwish page and have linked your Stripe account, you can start collecting contributions straight away.

Stripe requires you to confirm your email address within 14 days of creating your Stripe account, so make sure you look out for this email from them. 

Also remember to connect your bank account to Stripe, so that they can transfer your money directly into your account.  Everwish won't have access to your Stripe account or any of your banking information!


How do I find someone’s Everwish Page?

Just head over to ‘Find a registry’ on the home page, or use the unique URL that you should have received from the person who created the registry.

What kinds of payment do you accept?

Credit cards! Namely Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.